Applying our expertise in industrial design, media strategy and the visual arts, LIFTnewyork reworks underutilized urban spaces to create iconic architectural experiences. These dynamic environmentals inspire users and provide an ideal communications platform.


Focusing on interstitial spaces, LIFTnewyork’s creates customized elevator cabs that transform shaftways into kinetic canvases, and rich graphic treatments that turn transitional zones into engaging 3D brand extensions. Through hand-painted murals, digital projections and sculptural installations, we complete the transformation of these often overlooked locations into fully immersive experiences.


Scott VanderVoort is an artist, designer and educator whose work focuses on expanding the expressive potential of industrial design. LIFTnewyork embodies this guiding philosophy, using subtle yet revelatory tactics to engage viewers in a larger dialog about our sense of space, motion and meaning.

He has held senior design director positions with several renowned firms including Hixon Design Consultants, where he worked with marquee clients such as Mercedes-Benz and Coca Cola, and Rockwell Group, where he directed projects in environmental branding and strategic retail planning and design.

An Adjunct Professor in Pratt Institute’s Industrial Design Department, Scott has lectured internationally, directing workshops in 3D abstraction and the applications of his design theories.

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