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We create customized elevator cabs that transform shaftways into kinetic canvases, that turn transitional zones into innovative communication platforms


A perfect fit for wellness-oriented communities LIFTnewyork integrates concepts like vertical garden to benefit our environment visually, mentally and sustainably.

Film captures LIFTnewyork’s vision of the future, HER directed by Spike Jones

Spike Jones & K.K. Barrett envision a bit of the future much like S.VanderVoort from LIFTnewyork.  Making great use of content in a rarely activated area – the elevator ride.

Transparent display integration_2012

Busy exploring the potentials of PLANAR SYSTEMS – LOOK THRU transparent display technology in the elevator experience.  Artists and designers can now design and create content on two layers making for a truly unique tool / platform.  Finished prototype coming … Continue reading

LIFTnewyork & Expotential

ExpoTENial’s 10 multidisciplinary design labs investigated ways to raise quality of life and make smart, active, sustainable living in New York more appealing to ordinary city dwellers.  LIFTnewyork was invited to collaborate in the Urban Alchemy Lab, along with Anna … Continue reading